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Feb 2022

Episode 51: The ”THEIS” Saga with Dave and Brian of Hoplite

ATTENTION:  Giveaway winners announced at the end of the episode, so listen through!



Wow.  What to say about this episode..  If you didn't know all the details involving "Theis Protov" being a scam artist, here is the complete breakdown of how it started, progressed, and ended.  As you will hear in this episode, this situation is something straight out of a Lifetime movie.

 Im going to have Brian and Dave back on soon to talk about the current projects of Hoplite Arms and what they have going on with Feniks Technologies because we just couldn't fit it in to 1 podcast.  


Hope you all enjoy and dont forget to comment like and share.


Another giveaway is also announced at the end of the show.

Feb 2022
Jan 2022

Truckcast #12 - A New Year

First episode of the year, and first of many more to come in 2022. Got some awesome news and updates for you, coming in hot. Thanks for listening and supporting the podcast.

Dec 2021


Ok, so first of all, this is typical JFSI podcast fashioned long ass episode.  Today I decided to do a gear list for a new shooter.  Now with that said, its for multiple new shooters.  The new shooter that wants to spend as little as possible, the new shooter that doesn't mind spending some coin to make them competitive, and the new shooter with bank roll to blow for the hottest gucci shit they can get.  Now, this would be a 10 hour episode if I went through every piece of gear for every price range (you know I could do it too), but this hits almost every piece of gear that I have either owned, used, or trust the experience of people that I know.  Mostly, its gear that Ive owned or currently own b/c Im a dirty gear whore.  

    Also, I go over new purchases of my own, work to the "Upper Room", Some load development, and some drama on the Hide!!


STAY TUNED FOR THE END!  2 GIVE AWAYS ARE RELEASED but PLEASE play by the rules for the giveaway.  Honor system is implemented. 


My next episode is going to be a fuckin' doozie!  I can't wait to record it with a good friend of mine who is an amazing instructor and match director.  Youre definitely going to want to sit in on it.  Thanks for listening!



EDIT:  I realized that I misspoke on the name of the gloves that i have been using.  They are called PIG Full Dexterity gloves.  They have a warm weather and a cold weather version.  They are not called Pig Skin like i said in the show.  Just wanted to clear that up.

Dec 2021
Dec 2021

Episode 49: Dan Mcnamee of Two Vets Tripod Co.

Selfishly, I wanted Dan on the show b/c I need a new tripod and I wanted the scoop on Two Vets from the horses mouth.  Not only does he make some of the best tripods in the industry, he's also a kick ass photographer.  This is a great podcast not only for shooters but for aspiring entrepreneurs.  Dan gets the Just F'n Send It stamp of approval fo sho!

Nov 2021

Episode 49: Dan McNamee from Two Vets Tripods

Selfishly, I wanted to have Dan on because I need a new tripod but I figured you guys would enjoy my recon on this killer company.  Dan is an awesome guy and equally awesome small business owner.  I have had my hands on a couple of these tripods and can attest to their quality.  I can't wait to get one of my own.  Go check him out.  His social media game is on fire.  LoL.

Nov 2021

Episode 48: PRS Competitor Mike Burns

Got a good one here.  Its taken too long to get my buddy Mike Burns on the show but better late than never.  Mike is a one of my favorite people to shoot with and learn from.  I know you will all enjoy this one almost as much as I enjoyed recording it.  

I also cover some experiences from my class I took with Phil and Caylen from the Modern Day Sniper.  Enjoy!


PS.  Had a little bit of internet issues but I chopped it up pretty good with the editing so it wouldn't be that big of a deal.

Nov 2021

Virginia Shooters/Listeners!!! Listen ASAP

We got to take VA back. This is our time.

Oct 2021

Episode 47: Post Guardian Match, Reloading, MDS Class, and Fudds

If Donald Trump listened to this episode, he would probably call me "Low Energy Dave."  Im tired as hell from doing everything under the sun, but I know you guys deserved a podcast.  I go over the Guardian match at Pigg River Precision, talk about the ease of load development of the 25 Creedmoor, and some things I got coming up.

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