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Episode 18: Logo Solo

May 27th, 2020

Im waiting on the schedules of a handful of interviews to line up, but in the mean time, I got a little sumthin sumthin to chew on.  Some current events, new barrel for the AI, match talk, and of course, the new logo.  Hope you guys enjoy it. 

Episode 17: Josh Kunz with PVA

May 19th, 2020

Its a long episode, but I promise its worth it.  My very very good friend, Josh Kunz from Patriot Valley Arms comes on and its a typical conversation that we could have on any given night.  We talk beer, offshore fishing, dogs, solid lathed bullets, ELR, barrels and more.  You are literally listening to a conversation between 2 friends, that happens all the time.


Also, my personal tattoo artist is finishing up the new official logo of the Just F'n Send It Podcast right now.  I haven't seen it yet, but if Eddie Stewart's artwork is indicative of what this logo is going to look like, its going to be SICK!  I will probably end up doing some swag with it in the near future.

Episode 16: The Godfather of Long Range, JACOB BYNUM

May 9th, 2020

Wow.  I never thought doing a podcast would afford me the opportunity to have a sit down and a beer with such a titan in the gun industry.  Jacob was an absolute please to talk with and the episode went perfectly.  I hope he and you, the listener, got half as much enjoyment as I did.  We will try to schedule another episode together in the future.  Jacob is a class act and is such a wealth of knowledge.

Episode 15: Buzzed and living my best life.

May 6th, 2020

Yup..  Muscle relaxers and beer are awesome together.  I wouldn't NEED muscle relaxers if we would open up this fucking country again!  I'd have a massage to fix a knot in my shoulder and then go get a hair cut! 

Tonight I cover some listeners questions, some bullet talk, some Applied Ballistics talk, some randomness, and some announcements.  Got big news for the next episode!!


Side note:

Sorry about publishing an old episode earlier this week.  For some reason, i had some link text in the title of episode 10 when i initially posted it.  I was tired of looking at it, so i tried to just edit the damn title but it re-published the episode like it was a new one.  Hope it didnt break too many hearts when they realized they've already listened but hey, it was a good episode to revisit anyway i think.  Thanks again and as always for the support.  You guys kick ass.

Episode 10: Wubonic Plague and Gear Talk

May 4th, 2020

Sorry for the week delay.  Shit has been crazy around here.  This weeks episode is just your weekly Wutang virus update with some load development sprinkled in and topped off with a whole lot of gear talk.  Disclaimer, the damn episode is over 2 hours long and Audacity told me there was an interruption somewhere and there is no real good way that i know of to look over the whole recording to find it and see what it did but i THINK i caught it, so excuse the technical difficulty.  Got a couple of announcements at the end of the episode, so if you make it that far, i owe you a beer.  Hope you enjoy!

Episode 14: Sam Burns with Accuracy Obsession

April 28th, 2020

Tonight, as our 2nd guest on the Just F'n Send It Podcast, we have Sam Burns.  Sam is the owner of Accuracy Obsession, the brains behind the kick ass chassis my AI sits in.  Accuracy Obsession also offers many other products to support the competitive AI shooters that can be found at www.anarchyoutdoors.com  Sam has become a good friend of mine over the past few months due to this chassis endeavor. We go over the chassis extensively, along with other topics.  We have plans to have him back on to talk more in depth about shooting and the mental aspect that is so critical in becoming successful.

Sam can be found on facebook and Instagram by searching Accuracy Obession LLC or Snipers Hide as Samb300.  Get a hold of him with any questions and to get on the pre-order for the game changing AO chassis for you AI. 

Other news, I finally figured out how to convert Skype videos to MP3!!  That means many more guests to come in the near future!

Please help this podcast grow by sharing on social media and telling your friends about it!  Hope you enjoy!

ps.  Other great news.  China Wok will be re-opeing soon so i will be able to get my favorite Chinese food!!! #fuckcoronavirus

Episode 13: Eleven Questions and Tribute to a Fallen Brother

April 24th, 2020

It is with a heavy heart, i pay tribute to one of our own who has passed.

Also, I answer Jack Master's 11 questions he had for me.  I didnt think this was going to be a long episode but damn if it didnt end up near 2 hours!!  Thanks for listening and supporting the podcast, you guys have been great!

If any of you folks are interested in helping with a logo design and know your way around graphics and such, give me a shout in the comments or on FB/Instagram!  Going to do some fun stuff in the future with it!

Episode 12: Gear Talk Part 2 and ‘Rona Purchases

April 20th, 2020

Finishing up the gear talk, Corona virus purchases, Waco/Ruby Ridge, Freedom, and the greatest country in the history of the world.  Also, a little preview of the next episode.  Don't forget to comment!

Episode 11: So you think you want a working dog.

April 18th, 2020

Been replying to so many threads on Snipers Hide regarding this topic, that normally ends up being at least 5 pages or so.  Ive also been getting requests to do a working dog episode.  Other topics are sprinkled in at the beginning and end.  Hope you enjoy!  Dont forget to share and comment!!

Episode 9: Mike Chewbaca Menchaca

April 2nd, 2020

First official guest on the Just F'n Send It Podcast is my main man, Mike "Chewbaca" Menchaca from Mile High Shooting and The Everyday Sniper Podcast.  (I dont know if anyone else calls him this but ive been calling him Chewbaca for quite a while now, as this is his name in my phone contacts).  We talk a whole host of shit.  I honestly owe my podcast to Mike and Frank for giving me the idea of doing one myself, as their podcast has been so awesome from day 1.  I was the probably one of the very first subscribers to the Everyday Sniper Podcast and have enjoyed every minute of it.

  BIG SHOUT OUT TO MY MAN, RICHARD TAGUE from Ace's and Eight's Gunsmith and Holsters for converting the skype audio to MP3 to make this podcast possible.  From here on out, im going to nail down a better way of recording guests, as there will be more guests to come!


PS.  I haven't listened to this podcast at all and definitely haven't even checked to make sure this file will work before submitting it to the podbean app so, here goes nothing!

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