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Feb 2022

Episode 52: Ted Hoeger AKA ”Jack Master”

February 28, 2022

Welcome back, folks.  Got a good one for you to yall today.  Ted Hoeger aka Jack Master on Snipers Hide, flies in from Iowa to hang out and shoot a match here with me.  Ted is an engineer by trade and it shows in his contributions to the long range community.  He is known for building a chart/graph for literally everything involving shooting long range.  His updated/simplified wind rose, drop factor chart, DA chart, etc., etc. makes life as a long range shooter that much simpler.  I have included the link to his snipers hide thread containing his google sheets and charts that you, the Just F'n Send It Listener, gain the ability to plug your data in and print out these charts to take with you to your matches or out in the field.  It was awesome having Ted here, taking him out for a taste of a genuine taste in Eastern NC BBQ, shooting a 2 day match in some real shit weather and wind with microscopic targets, and shooting the shit in our 1.5 hour drives to and from the range.  Hope you enjoy the podcast.


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