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Feb 2022

Episode 51: The ”THEIS” Saga with Dave and Brian of Hoplite

February 12, 2022

ATTENTION:  Giveaway winners announced at the end of the episode, so listen through!



Wow.  What to say about this episode..  If you didn't know all the details involving "Theis Protov" being a scam artist, here is the complete breakdown of how it started, progressed, and ended.  As you will hear in this episode, this situation is something straight out of a Lifetime movie.

 Im going to have Brian and Dave back on soon to talk about the current projects of Hoplite Arms and what they have going on with Feniks Technologies because we just couldn't fit it in to 1 podcast.  


Hope you all enjoy and dont forget to comment like and share.


Another giveaway is also announced at the end of the show.