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Mar 2022

Episode 53: Dan Mcnamee of Two Vets Tripods part Deux

March 29, 2022

Ok, so, this is the first episode recorded via phone and the Rode Caster Pro AND with the new kick ass intro.  SOOOO....  I wasn't sure if the audio from Dan was going to be through both speakers or not b/c i was only hearing it on my left but I got an incoming call that I ignored and then he came in clear on both speakers.  Its gets fixed later in the podcast.  From here on out, i'll know what it'll do so it shouldn't happen again.  This is a follow up podcast with Dan from Two Vets Tripods, introducing the Recon V2 tripod and some easter eggs of what to expect from them in the future.  Also, the giveaway winner is also announced.  Hope yall enjoy it.